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Augusta and Noble

Augusta and Noble 

Meet young Gabi Castillo from West Town Chicago. Gabi ventures across town to attend Northside College Prep where she encounters new cultures, classmates, and opportunities. Through a class project Gabi delves into the mystery behind her family’s migration from Mexico to the United States. Join us for this tale of courage and self-discovery told through dreams of both past and future.

Written by Carlos Murillo
Directed by Lisa Portes
Dramaturgy by Hannah Greenspan
The Theatre School at DePaul University- Chicago Playworks
October 5-November 11, 2017

Augusta and Noble isn’t just incredibly timely and socially relevant, it’s an origin story told through dreams and journeys. The action of the play takes place in different worlds and different locations. One moment we’re in reality in Chicago and then we transition seamlessly to a dream world on the Devil’s Highway in the Sonoran Desert between the US and Mexico. Because of all of these elements, I thought that the best way to communicate the world of the play clearly would be through a journal because it bridges the worlds of reality and dreams in conversation with traveling on journeys in these two different worlds. In order to do this effectively, I was interested in marrying the format of a travel journal with a journal any fourteen year old girl would use. Here are the major themes that the dramaturgy journal will examine: West Town, Noble Square, Northwestern Settlement House, Northside College Preparatory High School, Gabi's journey, the Sonoran Desert, the Devil's Highway, immigration, coyotes, Ajo, Arizona, storytelling, and mythology. 

Augusta and Noble Dramaturgy Journal

Augusta and Noble Program

Photos by Michael Brosilow