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Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising

Esperanza loves fancy dresses, pretty dolls, and birthday parties, but when tragedy hits her home in beautiful Mexico, she is forced to flee to the United States where things are very different for her. Facing new challenges, Esperanza learns to take care of herself and her family. In the process, she discovers her own power to create a new home.

Written by Lynne Alvarez
Based on the book by Pam Muñoz Ryan
Directed by Lisa Portes
Lead dramaturgy by Lauren Quinlan
Assistant dramaturgy by Hannah Greenspan
The Theatre School at DePaul University- Chicago Playworks
October 8-November 14, 2015

For this production, I was the assistant dramaturg as well as a member of the ensemble. Lead dramaturg, Lauren felt that creating a website on Tumblr would be the best way to showcase our dramaturgical work. For this production, I assisted Lauren with translating parts of the script from Spanish to English and research. This dramaturgical website unpacks themes: reference documents, songs and sounds from both the United States and Mexico, Mexican Revolution and inequality, life in Aguascalientes, childhood in Mexico and USA, Mexican murals and Diego Rivera, and immigration history between the USA and Mexico. 

The Tumblr for Esperanza Rising can be found at:

Esperanza Rising Program